Auto transportation and storage of tray material

The carrier stores material in batches to put materials in storage one-time; visual recognition dynamically at a high speed and the manipulator stores materials automatically; simple and convenient operation to allow unattended storage process; material information updates dynamically, one code for one material, keeping the account and material consistent

Connect with MES

The overall process of material transfer to the WIP: import the production plan BOM for statistical analysis -- summary of material types and quantities required -- raw material warehouse -- bulk replenishment of materials into the intelligent material bin (the ReelID of material tray is scanned by the visual camera for each incoming material)

Prepare material for delivery according to work order

Receive material preparation information of work orders in real time; match materials required by work orders according to FIFO and tailing first ; the material is automatically delivered according to the order of lines; when materials are outbound, the manipulator picks trays to put into the waiting mechanism automatically

Realize automatic material preparation of work order

Realize paperless work order material preparation process to synchronize the material preparation information to the warehouse in real-time; intelligent bin prepares materials automatically to save manpower; One-to-one control to ensure the consistency of accounts and materials; material preparation information visualization to improve site management level